An Adventure of a lifetime

São Jorge

Together with the islands of Pico and Faial, the island of São Jorge forms the Triangle islands where communication and connections are easily made as they are very close to each other. When visiting São Jorge, you should be looking forward to see the Fajãs, easier seeing than explained. The Fajãs of São Jorge are impressive cliffs that stand out for their beauty and for being quite steep.

The Perfect destination for trekking lovers, this island offers various trails that go from easy to hard difficulty with breathtaking views that will fill your eyes with great memories. Most trails include going all the way down to a Fajã, which will lead you closer to sea level, in many ways you will be able to contemplate and see for yourself the immense beauty just in front of you.

Besides trails and fajãs, cheese is another icon of this island, as its particular taste is already well known worldwide. Queijo de São Jorge will delight those who appreciate a strong cheese taste, flavour that is considered one of the best of the Azorean region. In order to protect its origin, it has been created a certificated entity to guarantee the quality of Queijo de São Jorge.